Rust De Winter

Following the success of Ceres Golf Estate, Orange Tree Development and Kgokgopa Holdings have acquired council approval to develop a beautiful site, located at Rust de Winter dam in the Limpopo Province, from Bela Bela Municipality.

Combining the wonders of game in the reserve, especially an unrivalled concentration of birdlife, with a dam of considerable angling qualities, Rust de Winter will gain a prestigious golf course and outstanding water sport facilities. There will be opportunities for canoeing, sailing, cruises and, of course, fishing. The adventurous and active will be utterly satisfied with paragliding, mountain biking and 4x4 trails. Unparalleled hiking, with camping facilities also make it an ideal getaway for any outdoor enthusiasts.

There is also potential for a truly spectacular housing and office development set amongst a labyrinth of canals, which will cater for the more dynamic and business orientated clientele, who still wish to stay close to nature’s wonders.

An area of rich agricultural land has also been earmarked as a farming area, where fresh produce can be grown, cultivated, harvested and supplied to the surrounding area.

All these development sites combined will result in a thriving self sufficient community close enough to nature and to the big city to have that perfect balance that everyone wishes they had.

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