Ceres Golf Estate

With the already established nine-hole golf course and the beautiful surroundings, it became apparent what huge potential this project has.

With the heart of the Breede River and a beautiful mountain as the backdrop to this magnificent development, staying close to nature is key to the feel of the estate.

The job creation from this is expected to give the local community a much needed economic boost. A total of 240 man months worth of work will be generated during the implementation of the civil works (road, erven, etc.); 180 of which should be for permanent workers and 60 for part time workers. This will take approximately 9-12 months to complete. In addition to this, 3500 man months should be created for artisans and 8500 man months for laborers during construction of the actual houses, which is expected to take about 3 years to complete.

Linked to this we are assisting Par Chance (a locally based company) in developing the adjoining hotel site and an additional housing estate abutting the existing sport facilities in Ceres. In doing this we are creating the capacity for them to become independent property developers.

We have hand picked professionals we think will best benefit the project. Amongst them we have chosen Danie Obermeyer Golf Course Design, to create a golf course, suited to this country estate. The experience he has in South Africa and abroad is substantial and we trust that he will deliver the best for this site.

The Environmental Impact Report (EIR) was done by Ninham Shand.

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